About Us

Language is our way to communicate. But language is more than just words, Language is an expression of a culture. At East West Cultural Center we teach Chinese with this understanding.

Chinese culture

The goals of EWCC are to:

  • Provide a platform for Israelis who want to study Chinese, promoting the development of Israel-China relations.
  • Teach Chinese in a cultural context to give our students a richer understanding and enable them to communicate better.
  • Give people the Chinese language skills and confidence they need for travel, study, or business.

We offer advanced teaching methods that are employed by a team of native Chinese teachers. Our classes are small to guarantee personal input from the teacher in an intimate and friendly environment.

A small group is learning Chinese.

In addition to regular classes, we provide a free opportunity for students to practice their spoken Chinese in our ‘Chinese Corner’ . This once-a-week session, helps students apply and practice what they have learned in the classes. By participating in cultural activities with native Chinese speakers students will not only improve their pronunciation and learn to speak like a local but be exposed to different facets of Chinese life.

EWCC serves people from different backgrounds – whether an entrepreneur, student, tour guide, or just someone who wants to visit China. Through our classes, our students will achieve their goals and open up a world of opportunity.

East West Cultural Center is based in the center of Jerusalem.

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